Welcome Language Learners!

The Play A Language! project intents to develop a new and innovative learning concept: our web-based language app allows you to travel virtually to the country of your choice, take part in an interactive adventure and learn the local language. Play A Language! stands in contrast to many of today’s online learning apps: despite using multimedia concepts, most of these apps end up being boring, because they use the same old learning methods over and over again.

Below you will find four of our main beliefs on which we base the development of Play A Language! If you want to support us, please Sign Up for the App, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or keep visiting this blog for more development news and information. We are looking forward to have you Play A Language!

Country Feeling Abroad

Log in and travel virtually to the country of the language you want to learn. The places you can visit will be seen from above. Experience local culture in each new location: just choose for yourself what to discover next.

Learn through Quest-based Stories

An interactive adventure that challenges you with quests is a perfect environment for learning a language. Meet people while you dig deeper into each story, discover their secrets, and help them with their needs.

Involvement through Interaction

Decide on your own how to solve the quests and puzzles of each story. Visit interesting places, talk to different people, and try out new things. And when you apply what you learn in virtual conversations, audio will be included.

Motivation and Fun – It’s about You!

Real motivation takes place when it is you who wants to continue. All language quests are part of an exciting adventure – and you are the protagonist! Discover all stories step by step, learn the language and have a fun time abroad!.